Guidelines and Applying 

The Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund is a general purpose foundation which primarily supports organizations in Wisconsin and metropolitan Chicago.  The principal areas of interest are social services, youth and education and arts/culture. Some support is also given for local and national programs concerned with public interest and environmental issues.  International requests are only considered for discretionary funding recommended by trustees and only to organizations affiliated with a US-based nonprofit organization. 

The Fund does not accepts unsolicited proposals.  If your organization is interested in being considered for funding, please send a Letter of Intent (LOI) summarizing your past relationship with the Fund, if any, and a general description of your agency detailing your mission and programs as well as your funding needs. In the same envelope, you may also include brochures or any other print material that exemplifies your organization's work. If your agency has received previous funding, you may also send any updates to your organization or programs the Fund supported.  The Fund will contact you if a full proposal will be invited. You will receive a letter acknowledging the receipt of your Letter of Intent.

**Letters of Intent will be under consideration for a full year from the date of the receipt of the materials and may therefore be considered for any meeting within a 12 -month period. There is no longer a specific due date for LOI's. You may send one LOI per 12-month period only.**
 Proposal solicitation generally happens in the early spring and early fall. 


  • Organizations and projects primarily serving a local constituency outside of Wisconsin and the Chicago metropolitan area except for discretionary grants and special circumstances
  • Organizations outside of the United States not represented by a United States 501(c)3 organization
  • Grants to individuals
  • Loans or endowments
  • Capital campaigns


  • Summary of request form. Click here to download.
  • Proposal Narrative: A brief description of the organization and an outline of the proposed project, if applicable; a timeline; a list of objectives; and how the program will be evaluated.
  • Budget: A program budget, if applicable, and an organizational budget.
  • Major Funding Sources: A list of major institutional donors to the organization for the past fiscal year, and if applicable, funding sources for the project/program.
  • Board of Directors: A complete, current list of board of directors for the organization.
  • IRS Classification: A copy of the Internal Revenue Service ruling that the organization has 501(c)3 status.
  • Financial Statement: A complete copy of the most recent audited financial statement.  If the organization is not required to be audited: a detailed balance sheet of actual income and expenses, assets and liabilities for the past fiscal year.


  • The Fund will not accept unsolicited proposals.  We will contact all organizations that are invited to apply, including current grantees that are invited to submit renewal grants.
  • Deadline Dates: October 15 for the November meeting and May 1 for the June meeting.
  • Organizations may only submit one proposal per calendar year.
  • All of the required proposal materials must be in our office by 5:00 pm on or before the deadline date.  We prefer that proposals be sent via regular mail and not e-mail.
  • No proposal will be considered unless all of the required materials have been received in our office. Do not send video tapes, CD’s, DvD’s or multiple copies of the proposal.
  • We do not accept proposals via fax.

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